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I’m faced with a strange good news/bad news situation right now. My sister and her wife are finally pregnant! My sister in law is the one carrying it, and I am extremely excited for them. My sister is going to be the first one of my siblings to give our mom a grand kid. I am legitimately surprise it wasn’t my man-whore of a brother, but whatever. The bad news is that I’m going to have to move out in the next nine months.

Neither of my sisters have outright said I have to, I just feel like I should. They’re starting their family, they don’t want their idiot little brother hanging the fuck around. And if I’m going to get woke up at four in the god damn morning by a screaming baby, it had better be mine.

So now I have a more pressing and immediate motivation to find a well paying job: Get the fuck out before the baby shows up.


Here are some of the Eliza concepts I did that show up in the game in one form or another. She’s fun to do concepts for ;w;/

A reminder to those in Los Angeles for Anime Expo! (I apologize, I might make another post soon, with a map!)

I will be in artist alley! Stop by if you can.

You can find me (o_8) at table D39.

Persona and Black will be at table D40.

Animoose will be at table D41 with Brokentrain

EU03 will be at D40.

Kinuko will be at table C66 with Tyson Hesse. 

We will also have a Skullgirls panel on Saturday July 5th.

Time: 6:15 PM

Location: LP3

See you there!

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